Cheese & Wine Pairings

When it comes to wine & cheese pairing, we need to let other people share their expertise with you, because we are not experts!

We have found 3 interesting and simple articles on Wine & Cheese Pairings for you!

1. Liz Thorpe, a cheese expert is giving simple tips in her article "How to Build the Great Cheese Plate" 
  • Keep it simple. Your guests will drink one, or at most two, wines with their cheese.
  • These 3 types of wines will be a great selection: a sparkling wine, a dry Riesling and a Pinot Noir.
  • The effervescence of the sparkling wine will cut the cheeses’ fat and protein and pair well with creamy Brie style cheese and alpine cheeses. The dry Riesling is very versatile and will be nice with pungent cheeses. The light, cherry flavours of Pinot Noir will be harmonious to most of your cheeses.

    2. Similar tips in this Serious Eats’ article "Serious Cheese: Artisanal's 'Cheese Clock'"

      The Artisanal Cheese’s Cheese Clock tells us to pair milder cheeses with Champagne or light white wine, and progressing to light red wine, red wine and finally port for the strongest cheeses. It also offers some beer pairing suggestions.

      3. For more ideas, we love this article "13 Can't-Go-Wrong Wine and Cheese pairings"

        Its author Laura Burgess is making it very visual for the reader, to pair 13 cheeses with 13 wines. And guess what, there are many similarities with the previous articles: The author recommends pairings starting with bubbles, and moving to dry Riesling, Pinot Noir, and other white and red wines, and ending with those nice Port wines! Enjoy!


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