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Product FAQs

Q1. Can you cater for vegan, vegetarians, gluten, lactose free, halal, nut free etc… ?

Q2. Can I leave my platter in the fridge overnight and have it the next day?

Q3. My cheese box does not have a certain product I thought it would include?

Q4. When do you prepare the platters?

Grazing Tables

Q1. What is the point of having an antipasto grazing station at my event if I have catering (main foods) organised?

Q2. Can I customise my catering package? I don’t see one that has everything I’m looking for.

Q3. How long do you need to set up the table?

Q4. Do you provide cutlery?

Q5. How far in advance do I have to book you?

Q6. What happens with the clean-up of the grazing table?

Q7. What happens if we break or lose your props from our grazing table?


Q1. How do you transport your platters?

Q2. Do the design of the platters move when delivering?

Q3. What if no one is available to receive the order?

Q4. Can you deliver the product on my preferred delivery time?